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Doula then and now - since when, how, where and when?

During the #worlddoulaweek 2023, who is taking place every year from 22th to 28th of march, I presented you the doula from different aspects, hoping that the doula becomes more and more familiar to you and I revealed you something more about my beiing a doula.

For example this photo:

The this years claim was "Then & Now" and I showed you a photo from my first time as a doula and how I work at the moment.

In the first picture, I just attended my first birth as a doula, in the days before I played with the thought of attending the doula training (I already was a doula in my heart), and, as soon as this beautiful baby girl was born, the first thing her mother told me was "you have to become a doula!"

In the second picture I am holding a mother-to-be-circle some days ago, and I just facilitate the communication, let it flow, the listening and speaking.


During the first meeting, people often ask me since when I am a doula. My answer is immediate: "I am doula since ever" I made this reflection some time ago, because at a certain point I became aware that I am attracted of the "world of birth" since I was a child. As a teenager I often stayed with families to give a hand with the children, often twins (I also worked in a family with 4 twins). I never was aware of the fact that I was a doula since then, until some time ago. To be a doula is a lifestyle, for me.


As a doula, a very important aspect of my job is food. To nourish people that I accompany, in all senses, and so also with my culinary cuddles, I very love this a lot. For every meeting I prepare some homemade delicacy, and when I go to meet a new mother I always bring a bag with things to eat. "Only if you are nourished you can nourish" - this sentence I keep in my heart and the nourishment is a part of my being doula.


Where does a doula work? Where can I meet her?

Being a doula is a very various job, and the doula does adapt to the women and the families, so her working place changes every time. For a first meeting, I offer the possibility to meet in a bar or café, in my doula space #spaziodoula or at your house. For the characteristics of the places, the #spaziodoula is very nice venue for holding meetings during pregnancy, it is an open space of over 50 square metres where you can calm down, relax and stay comfortable, with a sofa, pillows, chairs, tables to work in different manners. After the birth, the best place is your home, where the doula enters on tiptoe and give you the support you need in a quite imperceptible way.


When do you hire a doula? First of all, the doula takes care of the mothers and the families from pregnancy to birth and post partum, until more or less the first year of your child. It is best to get to know your doula during pregnancy, to invite her to come on board on the journey to the maternity right away or after, for the birth and/or the post partum. How much you meet your doula is up to you: Someone meets her once a month, someone else every week or every second week, someone else every three days. It depends a lot on the needs and on the situation.


After a lot of posts in occasion of the World Doula Week 2023, do you think about hiring a doula? What to do? Write a private message, surf on to see what kind of doula services I offer, or just take your phone and call me to fix a first appointment to know me.

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