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Dear newborn mum: Don't be lonely!

Times have changed, the postpartum doesn’t quite exist anymore, the huge generation families are not living anymore in the same big house. The women who become mother are more lonely than ever. Why? The first reason is the migration, we are used to live abroad, to live in different countries for work, but also to live in different places in our own country. Often the own family is far away, and this makes it complicated when a baby is arriving. So loneliness is not far away..

With a doula, you can fill this hole, you will never feel lonely again, because you keep in touch with her also when you don’t meet. You phone her or you write sms, like you will do with a good friend. A doula doesn’t judge you, she is always neutral, she steps in your home with a lot of love and passion. Her unique goal is to make you happy!

In my case, 21 years ago I moved to Italy. I was 21 years old. You see: I lived the same amount of time in Switzerland as I do now in Italy. I know exactly how it feels and what it means to expect a baby in a foreign country, to give birth in a place where you are not born, and grow up a child where you are not grown up. Because I went through it, I felt and feel it in my heart, it is difficult to explain, you have to experience it. And this I did – with all my 3 kids. The first one was born in Switzerland, it was a water birth (I already lived in Italy, but we had no friends and family around and my husband traveled during the night to come and assist my birth), the second one I gave birth in my home in Arcola (La Spezia), where we still live, and for the third I went to Switzerland again and gave birth in a “birth home”. But all the pregnancies and post partums I spent in Italy, my kids grew up here.

I feel very settled here in Italy, I love this country, in the meantime I became Italian and a know how life is working here. But the origins of a human being cannot be canceled, I always will be swiss and this is ok. Somehow you always will have a “migration status”.

So look for a doula, a woman who may have a similar history, who can understand you without spending a lot of words. Don’t stay alone!! Life is too precious to be sad! Open the doors of your home (and your heart) for a doula, even if she comes to you only 2 hours a week, but you can cry and laugh with her and you can tell her everything you want.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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