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You are pregnant and far away from home? No problem, I am a doula and take care of you!

Are you far away from home, family and friends and you are expecting a baby? And maybe you don't speak Italian? Your companion is working and cannot stay always with you? Don't worry, maybe a doula is the solution for you!

My name is Sarah, I am from Switzerland and I am living in the area of Sarzana-La Spezia-Massa/Carrara, the Southern part of Liguria, for about 18 years. I am mother of three kids (18, 14, 11) and a doula (look at the other blog post "Who is the doula?"). I know exactly how it feels to be far away from home, and being pregnant. I am interested in different cultures and I am used to get in touch with them.

What can I do for you?

- I can prepare you for birth, talk with you about your desires, listen to your fears

- I can teach you Italian, while I take care of you

- I can help you to build a bridge between your culture and the italian one

- I will be glad to accompany you to your birthplace and translate there for you

- I provide you with a lot of "insider information" that you will need for your further life with your baby


Get in touch with me... I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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